Tulsa Public Schools Receives $12 Million Grant

Monday, September 24th 2007, 6:18 pm
By: News On 6

The magnet schools at Tulsa Public Schools win a huge federal grant. They'll get 12 million dollars over the next three years. News On 6 Reporter Emory Bryan reports that Tulsa Public Schools plans to use the money to expand and create new magnet programs.

At Hale High school, a new program in lodging, restaurant and health management will be created - making this a magnet school with its own kitchen and teaching restaurant. That’s just one of the new programs.

The plans were already in the works, but this new money will make everything happen faster, including a new multi-media magnet school.

At Webster High School, it may look like these students are just watching television, but they're really in the process of creating television.

What are now just a few classes in media production will eventually be an entire magnet school program that focuses on the emerging field of digital media creation.

The students can learn website design, computer networking, digital publishing, and marketing.

"They actually get to research any and all digital media careers. They had a wide variety and they get to pick which one," says Linda Bingaman, a Webster teacher.

Now at Webster, students crowd around each computer editing station - because the school only has 2 of them.

With the new magnet school money, Webster can buy 20 new computers, so each student will have their own.

They'll also be able to build a new television studio.

Kara Thomas is new in the program, but already enjoys what she's learning.

"It's really fun. But it's hard to watch TV now and be, like wow, that's a good shot. So it's kind of interesting," says Webster student Kara Thomas.

"They are computer savvy, they love to learn, they surprise me all the time with their skills on there," says Webster teacher Tracy Ogle.

Tracy Ogle teaches video production at Webster and she says the grant money will be enough to upgrade almost everything the school uses for the department.

The money is a taxpayer provided, federal grant.

McClain and Central will also get money from this grant, for their aerospace and fine arts magnet programs - something that students from anywhere in the city will able to get into through a transfer.

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