Woman's Terror Continues Due To Clerical Error

Wednesday, September 19th 2007, 5:15 pm
By: News On 6

A year-long stalking case is thrown out of court over a clerical error. A Tulsa woman says the past year has been one of terror, torment and threats. She did everything the system asked, filed protective orders, documented violations, she even testified. But News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports the man accused is scott-free, because a judge wrote down a one instead of a six.

Carla Robinson is a single mother of three, she says she dated a man for three years and when she broke up with him last June, his behavior turned extreme.

"It doesn't quit, constant calling, can we spend one more night together, I love you, can't live without you crap, poems, letters, constantly getting e-mails. He sends others e-mails pretending to be me. It goes on and on," stalking victim Carla Robinson said.

She says after someone broke into her home and killed her dog last September, she filed a protective order against the man. She says it only got worse, so bad in fact she says police hid her in a hotel.

"They told the front office not to tell anyone I was there; I was non-existent, in hiding, not here,” said Robinson. “The next night, he was outside the hotel room. The FBI got involved because they wondered if he'd put a tracking device on my car."

He was arrested that night and several other times for violating the protective order. The suspect was charged with felony stalking, which is stalking someone who has a protective order against you.

Carla took the class to become licensed to carry a concealed weapon. She testified against the man and he was ordered to stand trial, but before that could happen a judge noticed the protective order, that was supposed to expire in June of ‘07, actually said January. It was right on one line, but wrong on another. The judge who made the mistake corrected it, but the district judge dismissed the case because it made it look like there was not a protective order in place during the incidents, so the felony charge could not stand.

"Human error is going to happen, people mess up in their jobs everyday, but if every judge makes one mistake a day that's my life they're messing with,” Robinson said. “They go home and don't think about it again. That's a year of torment of my life that's gone and it won't stop. He feels empowered now that he'll never get caught."

Carla now has a protective order good for three years. District Attorney Tim Harris told The News On 6 his office is trying to re-file the charges as a misdemeanor, which does not require the presence of a protective order. Meanwhile, the attorney for the suspect told The News On 6 he has maintained his innocence throughout the past year and has no intention of ever contacting Carla again.

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