More Mattel Toys Pulled From Store Shelves

Wednesday, September 5th 2007, 9:00 pm
By: News On 6

Mattel’s reputation takes a third hit as they recall more toys due to the use of lead-based paint. News On 6 anchor Jennifer Loren reports the recall has retailers pulling more toys off the shelves and has parents on edge.

Toy making giant Mattel has recalled millions of toys in three separate recalls, and it has all happened in just five weeks. This time Mattel is pulling 11 toys, including Barbie pets and furniture, the Geo Trax Locomotive and Bongo Band Drums. Most of the products were made recently and some are still on their way to store shelves. Meanwhile, Mattel executives are trying to minimize damage, especially since the holiday shopping season is just around the corner.

"We want to assure consumers we're working hard and fast,” Mattel Inc. CEO Robert Eckert said. “Mattel takes its promises seriously, most importantly our promise to ensure the safety of children."

But some parents in Oklahoma say they're already looking elsewhere for their toys.

"I think there are some great toys out there. I guess I can't name brands, but good toys that are from other countries, solid toys, and maybe parents can look for things like that, that don't seem so obviously dangerous," said parent Michelle Zeff.

The recalled toys, like many other recent recalled products, are made in China. But consumer safety experts say the U.S. is partly to blame.

"It is the obligation of the U.S. firm to make sure that any products they bring into the United States meet those U.S. laws," Patty Davis, Consumer Products Safety Commission said.

For one Tulsa mother, whose child actually had lead poisoning, these recalls are disturbing. She says parents should take them seriously.

"I think its something to be concerned about,” said parent Donna Henley. “Mainly because it can affect their learning abilities, there's a direct correlation with the amount of lead they have in their system, so that’s something to be concerned about."

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