Witnesses Describe Bloody Crime Scene In Double Murder Trial

Thursday, August 23rd 2007, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

A man accused of killing a young woman and one of her children was in court Thursday. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan was in the courtroom for the testimony, he reports it was hard to sit through for the family of the victims, who heard awful details.

Raymond Johnson is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Whitaker, with a hammer, almost killing her, then he's accused of setting fire to her house, killing her and her infant daughter.

Brooke Whitaker was a young mother of four children, who was struggling to make ends meet, and also dealing with a troubled relationship with an old boyfriend. Her infant daughter Kya was just learning to stand up, and was a happy baby full of smiles. They were both killed in a fire on June 23rd at a home near 6900 E. Newton. Firefighters searched the smoldering house after the report of a fire and found the bodies inside. Police believe the fire was set to cover up Brooke's murder.

On Thursday, the accused killer, Raymond Johnson, was in court on one of the first steps towards answering for the double murder and arson. His girlfriend at the time of the murder was Jennifer Walton, who testified she dropped him off at the crime scene and later picked him up there after he said Whitaker was dead. She testified Johnson smelled like gasoline and his clothes were soaked with blood.

The firefighters who responded that day found Whitaker with a crushed skull and the house covered in blood, evidence prosecutors say that she fought for her life and her baby. Little Kya's body was spotted in the debris by a firefighter who testified he first presumed it to be a burned doll. Later the evidence showed gasoline had been poured around her body before the house was set on fire.

The murders left three children without their mom, they’re now living with relatives. That's why the family is gathering donations for Brooke's surviving children. An “In memory of Brooke and Kya Whitaker” fund has been set up at all Bank of Oklahoma locations. To find the nearest BOK location, click here.

Watch the video: Accused Double Murdered In Court

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