Overspray Damages Cars At Show

Tuesday, July 17th 2007, 9:29 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa hosted a huge car show that brought in thousands of people from 40 states and Canada, but many of them went home with a film on their cars, and they want to know who is responsible. The 35th annual Pontiac Oakland Convention, which was held in Tulsa, started off with a bang. Hundreds of vintage vehicle owners showed off their classic cars. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports organizers say it was a huge success, up until the last day of the five day event, when enthusiasm stalled.

"You rub it on top of the bumper, and it sounded like rubbing a credit card on your chin. There's a very rough texture there without a doubt,” said car owner Larry Crider.

Crider says while the cars were on display downtown, some were covered with a type of spray or film, or something that changed the texture of the cars.

It may be hard to see, but Larry Ritz can tell the spray is on his 1969 Judge GTO.

"We're talking quite a few cars and substantial amount of money involved in all this,” Ritz said.

Some of the cars are valued at about $100,000.

"Now they're very upset and asking questions because these are their babies and their investments, and they want to know what the problem is and how to take care of it,” Crider said.

Car owners aren't sure if the spray can be buffed off without damaging high dollar paint jobs.

The car owners say at the very least it could cost hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars to return the vehicles to the condition they were in. Now those car owners and event organizers are trying to figure out where the spray came from and who is responsible.

No cause has been definitely determined, but car owners believe a possible source could be painting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown or construction at the BOK Center.

"If you feel the paint job, it's as rough as sandpaper,” said Ritz.

A spokesman for Green Country Interiors, which is in charge of some of the renovations at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, says a subcontractor handled the outdoor painting work.

A company spokesman says they're investigating the claims and have even checked other exposed surfaces like newspaper stands and sidewalks, but haven't found evidence of any widespread damage by any overspray.

Watch the video: Custom Cars Damaged During Tulsa Show

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