100 Year Flood?

Thursday, July 5th 2007, 9:34 am
By: News On 6

Some are calling all this high water a hundred-year flood. So does that mean we're out of the woods for another century? News On 6 chief meteorologist Travis Meyer reports this weather pattern is not all that out of the ordinary for Hawaii or the Gulf Coast, but to call it unusual for Oklahoma is an understatement.

Rain every day is a tropical weather pattern Green Country just couldn't handle.

It's being called a hundred-year flood. The Neosho River near Miami is higher than it has been since 1951, flooding at least 600 homes.

Folks from Bartlesville say the flood of 1986 was worse. The river crested six feet higher and split the town in two. That was a hundred-year flood.

So why are we seeing another just two decades later? The U.S. Corps of Engineers says because Mother Nature doesn't keep a calendar. It's possible to have hundred-year floods back to back.

Lake shores are still underwater. It will take quite awhile before all the water makes its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Many are hoping it's another hundred-years before we see flooding like this again.

Flood victims can use the time. Many haven't even been allowed back into their homes to start the long, slow recovery.

Watch the video: Oklahoma's Unusual Weather Pattern

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