Surgery Helps Acid Attack Victim Regain Sight

Monday, June 25th 2007, 8:44 pm
By: News On 6

A woman who was severely injured in a vicious acid attack sees progress. Lynn Scott was blinded when acid was thrown into her face. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports now she’s starting to see more clearly, for the first time since the attack.

For more than two years Lynn Scott says she has prayed every morning and every night that her sight would be restored. Scott was blinded when acid was thrown into her face in September 2005.

"Ever since my accident, I would never think that I would be able to see anybody again," acid attack victim Lynn Scott said.

An ex-boyfriend and another woman were convicted in the acid attack, which brought justice to Lynn Scott. But what she really wanted was to see her children's faces again. Thanks to a recent surgery that is happening. Doctors at Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City implanted a microchip in her right eye to replace her burned pupil.

"He cleaned it up for me, and when he cleaned it up and asked me what I could see, I saw my mama, I saw my step-mama, I saw my sister Keisha. I was just happy," said Scott.

And tears shed because she could finally see her boys again. She says they've changed so much.

"I'm very thankful because if it wouldn't be for the doctors, she wouldn't see right now," Scott’s son Mountee Scott said.

Scott will now go back for weekly visits, mostly to clean out scar tissue. It's still blurry, but Doctors say her vision should gradually improve as her eye heals.

"I thank God, and I thank Jesus with all my heart and soul that it's a miracle that I can see," Scott said.

It will likely be another year or two before Lynn can have surgery on her other damaged eye. She says she can now also see how important it is not to take your vision, health or life for granted.

Scott's sons all told us how happy they are for their mother and that she's recovering. Her oldest son says he's glad his mom will now be able to see him when he graduates, eventually gets married and has children of his own.

Watch the video: Acid Attack Victim Can Finally Sees Her Kids Again

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