Residents Still Working To Clear Trees

Sunday, December 23rd 2007, 8:40 pm
By: News On 6

Like many others across Green Country, residents in Sand Springs spent their Sunday cleaning up debris left over from the ice storm. The News On 6’s Chris Wright reports Sand Springs says it is making progress, but hopes that once people are finished with their own yards, they will also be willing to help clean up others.

Cody Marriman unloaded limbs from the back of his trailer Sunday afternoon. He says it felt good to finally get them off of his property, and onto the public dump at Sand Springs' Star Center.

"My wife helped me a little bit, and my boy, but this is just me here today. My wife is out shopping, just kind of getting little things done around the house," said Cody Marriman.

While the residents who dumped limbs were able to bundle and haul the debris themselves, the city would like to see more volunteers assist those who are less fortunate. Sand Springs is looking for individuals, churches, businesses and anybody who wants to get involved.

"We're trying to match up groups wanting to volunteer with those who may be in need, and not having the ability to clean up their own lots," said Sand Springs Assistant Police Chief Mike Carter.

Also, in an effort to receive more federal assistance, officials are urging everyone to carefully document their volunteer efforts.

The City of Sand Springs says being a good samaritan and helping your neighbor out with their debris could actually translate into more money from FEMA.

"People don't normally like to brag about the good things that they're doing, or the volunteer efforts they're doing, and this case, we kind of look at it as a rebate," said Chief Carter.

A rebate that will be well-earned, but Sand Springs has plenty of work to do before it can reap the reward.

"This is a mess. All these limbs down and stuff like this. It will be a lot of cleanup for a long time for people," said Marriman.

The Sand Springs dump site will be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas, but will re-open on Wednesday.

Volunteers who want to register with the city can do so by calling 246-2500. Residents in Sand Springs can wait for the city to pick up debris from their curb, but it could be weeks before that happens.

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