Skimming Device Found On ATM

Friday, December 21st 2007, 5:57 pm
By: News On 6

Before you do your last minute shopping this weekend, we have an ATM alert to tell you about. A card skimming device was found recently on a Tulsa ATM. Two victims filed police reports, saying right after they'd used a TransFund machine inside a convenience store, someone stole money out of their account. A woman got hit for $903 and a man had $500 taken.

Skimming devices look just like the card readers on ATMs. Thieves attach the skimmer to the ATM and it then reads debit card numbers. A hidden camera was also found above the keypad, where the thieves recorded the customer's personal identification number.

Before using any ATM, you can pull at the card reader to make sure nothing is attached to it. Also check for any gaps around the reader.

"If there is something that doesn't look right maybe it’s some different wording or maybe there is a sticker that says "swipe card here” why would my bank or why would this bank put that type of wording on this machine? Let's face it, the people that do this are smart, but they're not that smart,” said Tulsa Police Officer Jason Willingham.

Police encourage you to watch all of your accounts closely for any unusual withdrawals.

Watch the video: Skimming Device Found On ATM