Power Crews Closing The Gap

Wednesday, December 19th 2007, 4:15 pm
By: News On 6

Wednesday brought more work for utility crews trying to get electric power restored to those final few who were still without power. PSO says there no major groups of outages. But the utility believes about 2,000 customers without power are still scattered throughout their service area. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan reports the White City neighborhood, near 4th and Yale, still has some homes without electricity, but they are in small groups.

Julie Dorrell counts herself lucky as one of the people with power again after she and few of her neighbors spent 9 days without it.

“The tree was down to the south of us and that's what caused all the problems. Literally I just walked into the house just now and said voila,” said Julie Dorrell.

Across Tulsa and beyond, power crews are working on the last groups of outages. For the most part, they're hooking up individual homes, or groups of two or three.

“The plans are that everything should be wrapped up by tomorrow evening, or that's what we were told,” said Ken Looney with Appalachian Power.

The out of state power crews worked long days and restored power to a quarter of a million people. They hope to be home by Christmas, and, for Ken, it’s a two day drive back to Charleston, West Virginia.

"This here, I've never seen anything like this before. It's so large. Even back home we've never had anything like this,” added Ken Looney with Appalachian Power.

Jason Eddingfield's neighborhood is coming back alive with the power restored, though some of his neighbors are still waiting.

"There's a big tree in the yard and I think that pulled the lines off the back of house. Some of them have to wait on an electrician to come out here and hook things back up,” said Jason Eddingfield.

The city is still working to help people with home electrical repair needs because that work must come first before PSO can reconnect the power. The mayor's action center is the contact for that at 596-2100. They can arrange for an electrician to come to your house. The city will also pay for the repair.

Watch the video: Fewer Left Without Power