All Classes Resume Today

Monday, December 17th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

It was back to school on Monday for most students in Tulsa Public Schools. A few buildings remained closed, but the power should be back on for all of them on Tuesday. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan reports that means back to class for all students. The lesson Monday at Eisenhower was in French and the bottom line was to get caught up after an unexpected week-long break.

"Well we came in a little rambunctious this morning, I think they missed their friends over the break,” said Michele Barnes, French teacher.

The students at Eisenhower came back to class, after a week without power that forced the district to cancel school. Some of the students’ families are still without power.

"A third of my students without, some are sleeping at their parents’ workplaces, some at grandparents. And, I have one family who is sticking it out. Their house is 45 degrees or something,” said French teacher Michele Barnes.

At Eisenhower, an early morning delivery of fresh food replaced what was lost during the outage and the spaghetti that was supposed to be on Friday's menu was Monday's lunch. But, other schools remained cold and dark.

Carnegie Elementary closed for an extra day, but the power company was moving in to get power back to the surrounding neighborhood. And, at Bryant Elementary, a circuit general from PSO arrived with a small army of tree trimmers to start clearing the lines that serve the school and the neighborhood around it.

Like the other TPS Buildings, it was power and not building damage from falling limbs that kept Bryant and Carnegie closed for the sixth day.

For the other schools, TPS says Monday was a normal day of classes, after an extraordinary week. Tulsa Public Schools announced late Monday that all of their buildings have electricity now and all will be open Tuesday on the normal schedule.

Watch the video: All Classes Back On Tuesday