Oklahoman Wanted In Texas Is Arrested In Kansas

Wednesday, December 5th 2007, 6:34 pm
By: News On 6

Authorities in Tulsa and Wichita get an accused killer off the streets. Cortez Mosley is suspected of shooting a man in Dallas, Texas, then running to Tulsa to get away. Tulsa Police tracked him down in Wichita, Kansas on Wednesday and that is where Mosley was arrested. News On 6 anchor Latoya Silmon reports Cortez Mosley was on the run for more than a week, but Wednesday his time ran out.

Tulsa Police say catching him was made easier because so many different agencies were on the case.

“Most definitely Cortez is a threat to our society,” said Tulsa Police Corporal Matt Hart.

Hart says each day the suspected killer was on the loose the more dangerous he would become.

“If we can get him in three or four days, really ideally at the time, but within 3 or four days it keeps him from doing something dangerous to someone else because he's desperate,” said Matt Hart.

Dallas Police say it happened during a private party in downtown Dallas. The victim was 27-year-old Bobby Washington.

"They didn't have any kind of words with each other. No confrontation. It just a guy randomly walking by saying he hate different dudes or whatever the case maybe and he chose to pick Bobby," said Bobby’s widow Sharita Washington.

Tulsa Police got word Cortez Mosley, a Tulsa native was headed home. Corporal Hart says the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Taskforce sprung into action teaming up with Dallas Police and several other federal agencies.

“Our resources are really people and time because that's just what we do. We devote full time to apprehending fugitives,” said Corporal Matt Hart.

Their teamwork paid off. Days later, Wichita Police nabbed Mosley in their community.

“With their little bit of information and our little bit of information we tied it together and tied him to Wichita with either his ex-girlfriend or girlfriend I'm not sure,” said Matt Hart.

Mosley is in the Sedgwick County jail in Wichita. There is word on when he will extradited back to Texas.

Watch the video: Tulsa Man Arrested In Wichita For Texas Murder

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