Man's Dog Shot By Another Hunter

Friday, November 30th 2007, 10:32 am
By: News On 6

Two Green Country men are at odds after one shot the other's dog while deer hunting on Thanksgiving. It wasn't an accident. The News On 6’s Craig Day reports the shooting has led to a debate over property rights, trespassing allegations and who is responsible for expensive vet bills.

Belle is in pretty good spirits, considering what she's been through. The seven-year-old lab had emergency surgery, and now has more than 300 stitches, after being shot.

"It had just opened up a patch on her back like bombay doors on a plane, just a huge chunk of skin knocked off and flapping loose on her back,” said Mike Brady of Tulsa County.

Belle's owner Mike Brady says he and his daughter took Belle and another pet out to a wooded area in Cherokee County while rabbit hunting. Belle was shot by a deer hunter who says he thought Belle was one of several dogs that have run loose, chasing deer on the hunting lease for weeks.

"If there ever really was a dog running deer, it definitely wasn't our dog,” said Mike Brady, Belle’s owner.

The man who shot Belle says, Brady had no right to be on the property, and that Brady passed at least ten posted signs. He also says it's foolish for anyone to go rabbit hunting in the middle of deer season.

"After going through this, I think the best choice is just to not have your dog anywhere near the woods during gun, deer season,” said Mike Brady, Belle’s owner.

Brady believes shooting his dog was inexcusable and wrong. Vet bills are now up to $ 4,000.

"His quote was, ‘I'm not giving you a damn cent,’” said Mike Brady.

Brady says his family used to own land in the area, and retained hunting rights when it was sold. But, The News On 6 spoke to both the shooter, Dave Gordon, who leases the property and the land owner who say they don't know anything about that, and Brady didn't have permission to be there to begin with.

Mike Brady says he could have accidentally wandered onto their privately-owned property. He says even if that's the case, it is still no reason for his dog to be shot. Brady says he may seek court action to get some of his vet bills covered.

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