Joining Forces To Find Cori Baker

Wednesday, November 21st 2007, 10:04 am
By: News On 6

Volunteers have enlisted more help in the search for the body of 13-year-old Cori Baker. The family of the missing teen hopes a better-coordinated effort will result in a major break in the case. The News On 6’s Chris Wright reports on the new tactics being employed.

The volunteer search teams will now be headed by members of CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team. They've been trained for situations like this. Members say that training will come in handy during the search for Cori.

While every day has been difficult for the Bakers since Cori disappeared on November 9th, they say Thanksgiving will be especially difficult.

"I know there's thousands of missing children and missing people, but at least in Tulsa tomorrow, the mother of those little girls, there's going to be somebody missing,” said Linda Baker, Cori’s grandmother.

"I can't imagine what tomorrow's going to be like. My Thanksgiving is going to be thankful for everyone who's helped," said Danny Baker, the father of Cori.

The Mabee Center, the command post for the search, will be closed for Thanksgiving. But, the effort will begin again Friday morning, with the help of CERT members. They say they'll be able to help those who want to help find Cori.

"The experts we have over here from law enforcement, fire department and so forth know how to do it, and they do it day in, day out. We're talking about your everyday citizen,” said Ron Banvorrhuss with CERT.

CERT also hopes to facilitate a more coordinated effort with the police and fire departments, who continue to conduct searches separate from the volunteers. Both sides have promised to continue to share intelligence.

"One thing that's become apparent as we progress forward is that coordinated efforts so we don't walk all over each other, and don't ruin a crime scene,” said Ron Banvorrhuss with CERT.

The Bakers are optimistic this latest addition to the search will finally bring them some closure.

"We prayed together last night. The chaplain from the police department also prayed with us. We feel good again. We feel that we're going to find Cori again soon,” said Cori’s father, Danny Baker.

While the command center will be closed on Thursday, volunteer coordinators say people are welcome to continue searching on Thanksgiving. Searchers say they will also be looking for Angie Tucker, a Tulsa woman who disappeared earlier this month.

As for Marquis Bullock, the man police say murdered Cori Baker; authorities say he will remain in custody until his first court appearance on November 30th.

Watch the video: More Join In Cori Baker Search Effort

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