Students Get A Chance To Enjoy Turkey Day

Tuesday, November 20th 2007, 5:00 pm
By: News On 6

Tuesday was turkey day at Clinton Middle School in Mayes County. It was not Thanksgiving, but turkey day, with real turkeys. News On 6’s Rick Wells reports it was an opportunity for students to pet, hold and get eye-to-eye with live turkeys. Many of the students got very comfortable with the turkeys, and vice versa.

"Those two males that are displaying right there, were raised by the children in my class last year, they're very comfortable being here," said Clinton teacher Susan Morris.

In Mayes County, Susan Morris is the seventh grade reading teacher and raises turkeys.

"There's a reason we eat turkeys, they're not bright," said Morris.

Sixth grade science teacher, Scott Farminer, says this is a rare opportunity for his students.

“Actually for them to experience first-hand, see with their own eyes, pet and touch turkeys, it's a great experience for them," said Farminer.

Some students didn’t want any part of turkey touching. Eighth grader Samantha Wixon was afraid of the birds last year, but a different year, a different attitude.

"Turkeys are actually nice," said Wixon.

One student in particular knew all their names.

"Clyde, Joker, Trooper, El Beano, Glenda Belle, Wednesday," said Jonathan Garcia.

Some kids watched while the braver students went inside two or three at a time to pet them. Every now and then a student would make a break for freedom, but plenty of wranglers would bring them back.

Susan Morris says she'll have turkey for Thanksgiving, but not one of the turkeys at the school. She'll buy one at the grocery store.

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