Book Contains Letters Of 2nd President

Sunday, November 18th 2007, 9:08 pm
By: News On 6

BOSTON (AP) -- A new book sheds light on the remarkable relationship between one of early America's most important couples.

The book, "My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams," compiles hundreds letters the pair wrote to each other. In one, the nation's second president addresses his future wife as "Miss Adorable." In a courtship letter in 1762, he orders Abigail, with mock formality, to give him "as many Kisses, and as many Hours of Your Company after 9 o'clock as he shall please to Demand."

And in a letter to his son after Abigail's death in 1818, he writes that his capacity for grief is so exhausted that death "has no sting left for me."