First Congressional District candidates debate

Monday, September 27th 2004, 10:31 am
By: News On 6

It's a race that may not be getting the attention of others on the ballot, because it pits an incumbent congressman against a challenger he's faced before.

Tulsa attorney Doug Dodd says he's confident going into another race as the underdog in the First Congressional district.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan continues our Campaign 2004 coverage with a look at the First Congressional district race.

Going into their third campaign against each other, John Sullivan and Doug Dodd still often try to define each other. Doug Dodd, (D) 1st District Candidate: “The real question in this race though is who is the incumbent?” Rep John Sullivan, (R) 1st District Candidate: “My opponent says that socialized medicine, price caps, and controls are the best option.”

Radio station KRMG hosted a debate for the first district candidates - by one count - the 37th time they've met over the years. Sullivan has beat Dodd twice now and he's confident he'll win again. Rep John Sullivan, (R) 1st District Candidate: “I support George Bush for president, my opponent supports John Kerry for president and I think that carries a lot of implications.”

Dodd believes Oklahoma's largely Republican first district might be ready for a pro-choice Democrat with a military background - who is conservative on deficit spending and social security. Doug Dodd, (D) 1st District Candidate: “Part of the reason it comes close to being broken is that the money should be in a separate account, it's not.” But Sullivan thinks voters care most about moral issues - and they'll count on him to vote pro-life and against same sex marriage.

Rep John Sullivan, (R) 1st District Candidate: "I support banning same sex marriage in this country.” Doug Dodd, (D) 1st District Candidate: "I don't want the government telling my church or your church or any other faith based group what they can and cannot do.”

With the election just weeks away - neither side has done much advertising - Sullivan because he's confident of a comfortable lead and Dodd because he doesn't have much money. Sullivan won the first time over Dodd in a special election to replace Steve Largent.

Sullivan is a former state representative. Dodd is a lawyer who served several terms on the Tulsa School board.