Tulsan finds his true calling in his own backyard

Monday, September 20th 2004, 10:29 am
By: News On 6

All of us hope for a career in something we really love. The work seems easier and the time goes faster.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells found a Tulsan who believes he's found his true calling right there in his own back yard.

Not hard to imagine the home of Todd Hudspeth belongs to a landscaper and gardener. "I don't put anything in anybody else’s yard that doesn't do well here."

But all of it looks like it's doing very well. Even some things that are not supposed to, like ginger. Wait a minute this is a Florida plant. “It's a ginger and it grown from a rhizome, it's one of the hardy gingers but technically not supposed to be hardy here, but it comes back every year."

He seems to get a kick out of successfully growing plants that aren't supposed to. When he bought his house it had no landscaping at all, now he has a little bit of everything. Including several kinds of banana trees, all doing well. "This is just what I love that's why I know about it. I don't know anything about cars."

He ran his own landscaping business for about five years after college, and then decided he needed a real job. He was downsized three times and had enough of the real jobs to last a lifetime. "Finally decided a couple of years ago I wasn't gonna lay myself off."

So his love of growing things once again became a full time gig. He built a greenhouse, so he can pot and grow the plants he likes, so he can always find them. If a project needs it, he'll draw up a landscape plan, each one personally checked and approved by Sadie, his cat. "I'm hoping I'm one of those people Oprah talks about; I've found my true calling."

Todd Hudspeth has a Landscape design and maintenance company it's called Discover Eden. You can reach him at 582-3508.