Political books are flying off the shelves at Tulsa bookstores

Tuesday, August 31st 2004, 5:10 pm
By: News On 6

The presidential election is just 2 months away and some folks are still undecided about who should sit in the White House.

Many are learning more about President Bush and John Kerry from a number of books on the market. News on 6 reporter Patrina Adger has more on the election that is affecting books sales.

Books like the 9-11 Commission Report and Tommy Franks' "American Soldier" are flying off the shelves. The 9-11 Commission Report and "Unfit for Command" are just some of the hottest books selling fast at Steve’s Book Store at 26th and Harvard.

"Unfit for Command" written by Vietnam veterans who speak out against John Kerry is so popular there's a waiting list at most Tulsa bookstores.

Joanie Stephenson with Steve’s Book Store: "The publisher has not been able to fill demand in fact, this one is spoken for, so you can't buy it." In fact, nine of the top fifteen books on New York's Best Seller List are books on some aspect of politics.

Stephenson says everyone has a story to tell and authors are banking big time on people wanting to hear it. "A lot of voters want to know, 'what's the buzz, what's going on and this seems to be the venue to get that word out." And so is the Internet. That's the only place you'll find John Kerry's book, "New Soldier". Published back in 1971, the book hasn't been reprinted, but sells online from $200 to $2,500, depending on the condition. "There are some book titles out there that are just meant to be funny and take direct aim at both democrats and republicans like, "Stupid things that Democrats have said." to a four book series on “Bushisms."”

So, whether the books are humorous or serious reading, the idea is to get your attention and if you're one of those undecided about your choice for president, possibly, influence your decision. "If you've got a story you want to put out there about politics between now and November is the time to get it done."

They didn't have an exact number, but Steve's Book Store reps say the political books have generated a good percentage of their books sales. They expect that number to grow from now until Election Day.