Controversy over Governor Brad Henry's comments on a proposed lottery

Thursday, August 19th 2004, 5:02 pm
By: News On 6

This November, Oklahomans head to the polls to decide the controversial lottery issue. A comment Governor Brad Henry made about the lottery is causing a stir in some circles.

The comment came during a speech at the Oklahoma Municipal League's conference on Monday. "If it's immoral, then I suppose it is. But I don't think the leaders of all of our neighboring states except Arkansas are immoral because they decided that an education lottery was the thing to do. I think it's smart."

The Governor says by quoting only that section of a long speech, the true meaning is lost.

He said Thursday; he truly believes the lottery is moral and that he wouldn't push a cause unless he considered it to be a moral one. "What I said was I don't begrudge anyone to objecting to lottery on moral grounds if they believe it's immoral, I can't change their opinion but I don't believe it is."

The governor chalks up any controversy over what he said to the politics of an election year.