OSU-Okmulgee instructor headed to the Olympics in Athens

Tuesday, August 17th 2004, 11:15 am
By: News On 6

An instructor at OSU Okmulgee and his wife are heading to Athens for the Olympics. He'll work in the Olympic Village with a team of other foot experts helping mend injured and aching feet.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells says Bill Meanwell and his wife Kathy are heading for Athens and the Olympics. He's a pedorthist. Never heard of it, well it's relatively new, pedorthists work with doctors to make the devises the doctors prescribe, to help people's feet work better, like inserts. "Almost as if a pharmacist fills a prescription we would fill a prescription."

For the first time, the Olympics will provide a team of pedorthists to serve those in the Olympic Village. He expects they'll be busy, mostly with non athletes. "Maybe trainers who are doing more walking or running than they're used to."

He's no stranger to high powered athletes, a couple of years ago he built cycling shoe inserts for Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France winner. "I'm sure without my help he couldn't have done it." He's joking of course, but who knows.

So how do you get a job at the Olympics? He applied on line, and in May learned he'd be going. Here's the catch, he's a volunteer, so he and Kathy had to scrape enough together to make the trip and keep all the bills paid at home while they're gone.

They've done that and have their tickets, passports and plenty on their list to see and do. Kathy: "I'll probably do a lot of sightseeing." Enjoy the trip, send us a postcard.