Vinita Pit Bull problems

Sunday, July 25th 2004, 6:43 pm
By: News On 6

The town of Vinita will hold a public forum tomorrow so residents can voice theIr concerns about several recent pit bull attacks. A fire and police committee could determine whether there should be city-enforced guidelines in place for pit bull owners.

Vinita's city attorney brought a proposed ordinance to last week's city council meeting to address amending the law regarding owning dogs particularly pit bulls.

The police chief says there have been six attacks in the last six to eight months.

The proposed ordinance would tighten the leash on having pit bulls making it illegal to have a pit bull unless it is registered by the city and they would have to follow certain rules when taking their dog out in public.

Patricia McGuirk had to have 13 stitches in her arm after she was attacked by two pit bulls while she and her fiancé were walking down their neighborhood street. Her fiancé was also attacked, but he wasn't injured. McGuirk says the new ordinance is necessary.
"I think it should be tied up so it won't attack somebody like it done him or me-it should be tied up in a pen or something like that."

But many are split on the issue. Stephanie Brown owns three pit bulls including "Petie" who she says is not aggressive.

Still, he is registered with the city and is always on a leash when in public but she doesn't believe that should be a requirement.

The meeting will be held at Vinita's city hall tomorrow at six o'clock. Anyone in Vinita who has something to say on the issue is encouraged to attend.