Tulsa dog bite victim fights back

Monday, July 12th 2004, 10:26 am
By: News On 6

A woman gets bitten by a pit bull dog. She says going through the dog bite and getting stitches was hard enough, but learning the dog was back with its owner in just 10 days, was too much, especially since she was the second woman bitten by the same dog in less than a month.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright investigates.

Brittany Moyers was giving a friend a ride home from work on June 24th. That friend needed to stop at a Tulsa house to let the dogs out. Brittany says she was standing quietly by her car, when one of the pit bull dogs ran outside the fence at her. “I’m thinking it got me on the side first and chewed on me there, then he got my leg and I jumped over the fence to get away."

Brittany's wallet still has teeth marks in it and she needed six stitches. "I really did think I'm going to die because it was so strong." Neighbors say the dogs are able to jump over a fence. There's a male dog and a female that just had pups.

Lori Fullbright could hear the dogs inside when the News on 6 knocked on the door of the home.

Another woman was bitten by the same dog three weeks earlier and hospitalized for three days. Fullbright talked to people in the neighborhood who say the dogs don't just attack people, but other animals. They say they've attacked five dogs and a cat and when the police came to the house last time, they say the dog busted the glass out of the front window.

When Brittany heard the dogs were returned to their owners, she contacted a lawyer, to make sure the dog didn't hurt anybody else. Attorney Karen King: "The dogs are vicious, there's been more than one bite and it needs to be destroyed."

Animal investigators can't keep dogs away from their owner without a judge's order. And they can't get that order until they do a vicious dog investigation and send it to the prosecutor. Lead investigator Garl Willis: "We'll do our report and touch base again with both victims and should have our report to the prosecutor by next week."

Lori Fullbright talked to the dogs' owner Monday and he told her, his dog is not vicious and in both bite cases, his roommate had brought friends over without properly putting the dogs away. If the prosecutor decides to file a vicious dog complaint, a judge listen to the victims and the owner, then decide if the dog is vicious. If it is, by law, it must be destroyed.