Bank robbery suspect arrested in Kansas City may have robbed banks in Tulsa

Thursday, July 1st 2004, 1:01 pm
By: News On 6

A man, who claims he turned his life of crime around and became a crime prevention expert, has been leading a double life. He just got indicted for bank robbery Thursday.

Newws on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says John Stanley got out of prison 20 years ago and became a self-proclaimed anti-crime guru, writing books, hosting radio shows and consulting companies how to keep criminals at bay. Now, it seems he failed to follow his own advice and could've even robbed banks in Tulsa.

John Stanley's web site claimed he once lived the high rolling life of the rich and famous, jet setting from continent to continent. It says he was living a double life, friends thought he was a successful international businessman, but in truth, his rap sheet shows he was a fugitive wanted for bank fraud, bad checks and auto theft. It says he went to federal prison in 1985 for 10 years and when he got out, became an expert on crime prevention, selling his lessons to radio and television programs, universities, big businesses, even teaching police the tricks of the criminal trade so they could better catch suspects.

So, imagine everyone's surprise, to learn Stanley is still leading a secret life of crime. Kansas City Police arrested him minutes after the Commerce Bank was robbed at the Plaza in Kansas City last week. They say he was still sitting in his car, actually counting the $8,200 from the bank that was marked as bait money. He also had with him, a bag full of disguises.

The Kansas City FBI tells Lori Fullbright, that Stanley was just indicted for that bank robbery, but is also a suspect in other bank robberies in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, specifically, Tulsa.

Detectives say it's too soon to say for sure, but, they are reviewing past surveillance tapes from local bank robbers to see if Stanley could be their man.

They're waiting to see how the feds handle things first and to see whether Stanley might save them the trouble of tying him to these cases and simply confess.