Youth group's fireworks stand burglarized

Wednesday, June 30th 2004, 5:42 am
By: News On 6

Members of a north Tulsa church are desperately trying to recover losses, after thieves hit the Antioch Baptist fireworks stand.

Every year, Antioch Baptist youth raise money for a special trip by selling fireworks. Sales had been going well. But this week, volunteers went to open the stand and were greeted by a shocking sight. Crooks had stolen the merchandise.

Church members say not only were the kids earning funds for a trip to Houston, they were also learning how to run a business. Youth coordinator Cecil Sourie: "Just all the things we were trying to accomplish besides just raising the money go through my mind right now. And of course the fact that our trip is in jeopardy."

The trip is only a few weeks away. Church members say they have no idea how they'll pay for it. But they're determined not to let the kids down.