Saddam's capture and how it relates to Tulsa's holiday shopping season

Monday, December 15th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

With less than 10 days until Christmas, the capture of Saddam Hussein may be good news for retailers. After a couple of lack-luster holiday shopping seasons, retailers will take good news where they can get it.

News on 6 consumer reporter Rick Wells found one place in town where things may be changing for the better.

"We're doin' pretty good." Russ Eubanks is the Assistant Manager of the Super Target at 71st and Garnett. He said business was excellent the weekend after Thanksgiving since then it's been a bit flat, about the same as last year. "We projected to be up a little bit, I think the economy her in Tulsa is still just a little bit tight."

Tara Cone is the Marketing Director at the Promenade Mall. She says the attitude is more positive this year. "I think over the last couple of years everybody's been down with the war in Iraq and now this year things seem to be picking up."

And Sunday she says was a simply spectacular day. "I can't express it enough our gift certificate sales were through the roof." As you can see she's almost giddy about it. Nationally, analysts are more than ready to give much of the credit for a positive sale day.

On Sunday, to the news of Saddam's capture, shopper's spirits are boosted they say, hopefully that will translate into more spending. Parents seem to be willing to let their kids give Santa the whole list.

“We had a line that went around the Santa set and back again. I don't know how many kids he saw but a huge number sat on his lap yesterday."

It will be the end of the season before we know for sure, but retailers hope the bearded guy on the cover of the newspaper is just the Christmas gift their bottom line has been looking for.

At Woodland Hills Mall, figures show an increase in the number of shoppers over last year, but the marketing people tell us, not all stores are showing an increase in sales.