Fascination with forensics

Monday, November 24th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Shows like CSI on Channel 6 have really sparked a fascination with forensics throughout colleges and universities across the country.

People are more interested than ever in the science of crime solving and that's boosting an interest in forensics as a career. News on 6 anchor Scott Thompson has more on a local CSI college class.

In some ways, the forensics science phenomenon is a case of life imitating art. More television shows are spotlighting forensics and more colleges are adding classes to teach the tricks of the trade.

The investigators of CSI and CSI Miami take you behind the scenes of a crime every week on Channel 6. They use forensics science to help them figure out whodunit. And some of the same crime-fighting techniques you watch on Channel 6, you can learn at Northeastern State University's Broken Arrow campus.

NSU in Broken Arrow offers more than half a dozen forensics courses and plans to add a few more. Graduates from the program fill the ranks at criminal investigation units throughout Broken Arrow and Tulsa. The introductory forensics class, criminal investigations covers everything from counterfeit cash to shoe prints.

One student said shows like CSI helped spark her interest in the field of forensics. Michalah Davis, NSU-BA Senior: "It keeps me interested. I've watched all of them I tease some of my professors on why I do so good is because I watch so many Law and Orders and CSI Miami."

Enrollment in forensics classes at NSU in Broken Arrow is up about 20% this year.