Devices used to change traffic lights pulled from sale on the Internet

Thursday, November 6th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A device the Tulsa Fire Department uses to get through red lights could get in the wrong hands. It was temporarily available for sale on the Internet.

The fire department has a special strobe on their trucks that makes traffic lights turn green to clear out traffic. The Internet site "eBay" had a listing Wednesday for one of the units at $500.

Officials say it would appeal to some drivers. Reporter: “Would you like something like that?” Driver: “You bet, I'd like to get across this intersection right now.”

Late Wednesday - "eBay" banned the sale of the transmitters that would give civilians to power to turn red lights green.

In Tulsa - the system helps the Fire Department get through traffic on Memorial Drive and for the length of 51st Street.