IBM lays off some Tulsa employees

Thursday, November 6th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

More layoffs for Tulsa. This time at IBM, which has about 800 workers in downtown Tulsa.

The official word is that about 40 people have been cut. As you can imagine, those people are upset their jobs are gone. But they're also upset by where they believe those jobs are going.

News on 6 business reporter Steve Berg says more than one worker called the News on 6 to tell us they had lost their jobs at IBM during the past two days. But they said they wanted to remain anonymous for fear of risking their severance pay.

An IBM spokeswoman does confirm that about 40 workers were laid off. But one of those workers says it was the way they lost their jobs that has them doubly upset. The worker told us their jobs are being moved to India. What's more, the worker says employees here trained their Indian counterparts, in other words trained the people that are taking their jobs.

The IBM spokeswoman could not confirm or deny the claims the jobs had been moved to India, but said she would check into it. She said IBM does have offices in India, but added the company has many offices all over the world. We did hear back from the spokeswoman who said she had no information on whether the jobs had been moved to India.

Laid-off workers say the jobs were mostly accounting type jobs. IBM says the workers can apply for other jobs within the company, but there's no guarantee anything's available.