Group of Broken Arrow Marines return home

Sunday, September 28th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Saturday night was the night some area families have been waiting for six long months. Sixteen marines are home from war.

Kristen Provencher gave birth to Savannah while her husband was leading his reserve unit in Iraq. Saturday, she waited with hundreds of loved ones for the Marines to return at the Tulsa International Airport. Sgt. Kyle Provencher has seen pictures, but Saturday was the first time he's ever laid eyes on his baby girl, the first time he's ever gotten to touch her. It takes Savannah a few minutes to calm down enough to enjoy it.

Provencher's unit has been through firefights and desert heat, but that wasn't the toughest thing about going to war. “Knowing what's going on at home and not being at home to help my wife out is the hardest part."

Provencher's unit will be processed at the Broken Arrow Reserve Center, and then Kristen says family members will throw a huge "welcome home" party.