McDonald's to launch adult Happy Meals

Wednesday, September 17th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

(Chicago-AP) -- McDonald's wants to see if Happy Meals for adults will make grownups happy.

The idea being test-marketed in Indiana, and McDonald's uses another name than Happy Meal. It is a Go Active meal, consisting of a salad, a medium soda or bottled water -- and something to keep the big people occupied.

Unlike the kids' Happy Meal, the Go Active meal gives grownups a pedometer and a health booklet by Oprah Winfrey's fitness guru, Bob Greene.

A pedometer? What kind of toy is that?

No toy, says a McDonald's spokesman, who says the grownups want something that is good and healthy for them.

He concedes some grownups will continue to order a kids' Happy Meal, eat the burger and the fries, drink the soda, and play with the toy.