A surprise homecoming for a military mom

Tuesday, August 26th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Ken Miller has a son in the United States Marines. Tuesday morning, his son, Jeff came home after serving in Kuwait. Miller wanted our cameras to be there for the happy homecoming.

The only thing was, mom had no idea her son about her son's arrival. But News on 6 reporter Patrina Adger was in on the secret.

Lori and Ken Miller are at the airport waiting for a "family friend" to arrive, so Ken tells Lori. What Lori does not know is the "family friend” is really her 20 year old son Jeff, coming home after serving five months in Kuwait during Operation Enduring Freedom.

And from the looks of it, mom doesn't suspect a thing. But within minutes, Lori gets up to greet this "family friend," but realizes the person walking towards her looks very familiar.

In an instant, her face turns to joy when she realizes her boy is home. "Oh, baby!"

Jeff Miller, "We've been setting it up for a month. Since I found out I was coming home, just to surprise her."

Adger, "So, were you like, 'I don't want to come with you to pick up this guy?" Lori, "I started not to. I have a bad back, but I'm glad I did, nice surprise."

Jeff says he just wanted his mother to smile; she's been through so much these past few months. Lori has bad kidneys and is preparing for a kidney transplant soon.

Jeff says the hardest thing about being away was knowing he couldn't help her. "I'm over in Kuwait. I just can't drive home and help her out that was pretty tough."

Well, Lance Corporal Miller, mission accomplished. You couldn't wipe that smile off mom's face even if you tried. Jeff will be home for about two weeks before he has to go back to Virginia for to serve out his time in the Marines.