Camp Invention this week in Broken Arrow

Monday, July 14th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

In Broken Arrow this week, activity and exercise meet creativity and invention. Welcome to Camp Invention.

Arrowhead Elementary is hosting the weeklong camp. It encourages creative learning, by providing children with hands on, interactive activities. Among them, taking apart VCR's and radios, then using the parts to make toys or other fun inventions. Camp Invention is a national program.

Organizers say it's a fun way to keep kids thinking about science during the summer break. Andrea Sagely with Camp Invention, "It doesn't involve students just sitting in the classroom opening a book. Their hands are busy every minute and they are learning science and they are having other subjects in there too, but they are learning it through science."

Nationwide, there are about 500 "Camp Inventions" in 41 different states.