Where can you operate that electric scooter?

Thursday, July 10th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Those small electric scooters are just about the hottest new thing on the streets this summer.

Problem is local police departments say it’s illegal to drive them on the streets. News on 6 consumer report Rick Wells explains in chapter 2 of the scooter saga. The folks who sell these scooters say they just can't keep 'em in stock. People are buying them for their kids and for themselves. They designed for recreation; they're becoming a headache.

Remember our story on Monday. 13-year-old Danny Roberts got a traffic ticket for riding his unlicensed unregistered scooter in his Tulsa neighborhood. A Bixby family saw the story, said hey, we have scooters, and can’t we ride 'em. Bixby Police said not on the street. Bixby Police Cpl Andrew Choate, "The only place I can think of they could be operated is on private property."

That eliminates lots of places so just where can you ride them and why is it so difficult to legally operate these things in Oklahoma.