CPR training helps friends save Tulsa man

Tuesday, June 24th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A man from Jenks owes his life to a couple of people who took the time to learn CPR. It's something almost anyone can do. News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says it takes just a couple of hours to learn CPR - but what a difference it made for a man who would have died without it.

William Twilly [in the picture on the right] and his friends are regulars at the Homestead restaurant in Jenks. They share a never-ending pot of coffee every morning. And they're known for playing jokes. Marjorie Worley, Homestead Restaurant: “So I was ready for them because it was April Fools, so when somebody yelled, he's having a heart attack I grabbed the phone but I walked over to make sure and he really was.”

Curtis Conway was sitting next to him when it happened. “I just thought he was goofing off and he was flat in the floor on his face, he just fell straight forward on his face. And then I yelled is there anybody else here to knows CPR and here come Darren.” Darren Kelsey, "As soon as I heard that I don't know if it was instinct or what but I ran in here, saw the situation and made sure they called 911 and just started the basics of ABC's of CPR."

Mr. Twilley's two rescuers gave him CPR for more than 10 minutes until EMSA paramedics arrived and took over. Now he's fine, and back at the coffee shop every morning.

EMSA recognizes his friends as heroes - for taking the training and putting it to use. Ray Patterson, EMSA Paramedic: "You can always do something, just tilt the head back and get them a little air, give them some breaths if they don't have breath, we even have instances of children doing CPR on adults."

It's something they can all laugh about now - but on April Fools Day what happened to William Twilley was no joke. He would have died - but didn't because someone knew CPR.

And free training classes on CPR will be held this Saturday at Zeigler Park and at Lacy Park. For more information call "Citizen CPR at 596-3600.