Shopping for a new car deal

Monday, May 5th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

We've all seen the car ads on TV. Seems like dealers will to do almost anything to get us to buy one. And tough times for them could mean a better deal for you. News on 6 consumer reporter Rick Wells takes us bargain shopping.

You don't have to look too closely to recognize car dealers are working extra hard to sell you and me a car. Not exactly a free ride but for some folks it's pretty close. Not every one will be eligible for the 0% interest deal. Danny Graham with Keystone Chevrolet: "Ya have to qualify, but let me tell you right now GMAC is making every effort to be as lenient as possible to help us move the cars." Danny Graham is the General Manager at Keystone Chevrolet. He says all manufacturers are keeping the incentives going cause car sales have been awful; the last 6 months are the worst he's seen in 26 years.

Most US car companies had stronger sales in April than in February and March but were still down more than 6% from a year ago. That means the incentives will be around for a while longer to keep the potential new car customers coming in. "Got just what you need." Not everyone's looking for a new car, Anthony and Freda Bighorse are looking for a second car to haul a bunch of grandkids in.

New car incentives have resulted in lots of used cars, and dealers have incentives on them too, all of it designed to get folks like Anthony and Freda Bighorse in for a test drive. Even if you come in to interview 'em for a story, you just might be a prospect, uh oh, he saw me looking at that pickup. Graham: "You might be eligible for that 0% interest deal?” Whew! He almost had me. A car salesman even when he's being interviewed is still a salesman.

Danny Graham told Rick Wells, the April comeback coincided almost exactly with the liberation of Baghdad. So good news from the war could result in good news for the economy.