Construction update on the new Lowe's store at 15th and Yale

Monday, February 11th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

We get regular e-mails asking about the new Lowes Home Improvement location at 15th and Yale. When will it finally open, people want to know, and what about that self-storage complex right outside the Lowes front door. Good questions. So we sent News on Six's Rick Wells out to find the answers.

Nice looking new Lowes home improvement location at 15th and Yale it'll cap off a half mile of retail improvements along Yale just east of Expo Square. Not a lot of activity around, it looks like they could open soon, but it's rather odd, that self-storage complex is just outside the Lowes front door.

You come out of the front door of Lowes and you walk, lets see two, three four five six seven eight, maybe ten steps and you run smack dab into the side of the storage building. Now how is that gonna work? And that's what lots of people have been asking us. And not only us, the Family Vision Care center up on the corner gets the same questions. Tina Natonick with Family Vision Care, "All the time, everyone wants to know when the storage buildings are gonna go down. For the longest time they told us they were just gonna open it up and just work around the storage units, although that doesn't seem feasible."

No it doesn't, so here's what we were told by the manager of the AAAA Key Mini-Storage center. He wouldn't talk on camera but he said the storage center was being re-built on the east side of Lowes and when that construction was complete, customers could move to the new location and this old one would be torn down, turned into parking.

Lowes management was a bit camera shy too but said essentially the same thing and Lowes said they'd not open until the Mini-Storage had moved. That will probably be a few more months. In the meantime it will just look odd.

Rick says the best guess on a date for Lowes opening is this summer, July or maybe even August.