Indian workers still waiting on their passports and visas

Thursday, February 7th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Indian workers at the center of a labor dispute with a Tulsa company had hoped to have their visas and passports back, but they don't.

Lawyers for the John Pickle Company told the men's attorney they'll wait for a judge's ruling. Just Wednesday, the company offered to give back the documents. The workers claim they were forced to live at the west Tulsa factory and that they were paid far less than minimum wage.

We know more about the man who first helped the group and continues to lend them a helping hand. Mark Massey is a member of a church that's just across the street from the John Pickle Company.

Two of the Indian workers came to visit there recently. As an outreach leader, Massey made a point of getting to know them. Little by little, through casual conversation, he says he began to think that something was wrong, and notified authorities. "It was probably a couple of weeks after they began to come that they began to mention that two something an hour or three something an hour and I thought that was my first, you're not serious, you're working for two, three dollars an hour."

Massey buys and renovates houses for a living and he also gave the men a home to stay in until their situation is settled.