Tulsa students send messages to Army soldiers overseas

Tuesday, January 15th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A day at war can be filled with chaos. But it can also bring loneliness to our soldiers overseas. But heartfelt messages from Oklahoma are on their way to cheer them up.

The US Army Reserve visited Tulsa's Anderson Elementary School Tuesday to encourage students to write letters to the men and women who could use some inspiration while on assignment. Public Affairs staff officer, Jeffry Weir, "The soldiers have the time to go through these letters. Sometimes they forget about the people at home, but when they get something like this, especially from a younger, smaller student, it really means a lot to them. It brings them right back from wherever they are, right back here to Tulsa, and they say I'm glad I'm over here serving my country. I really miss the folks at home, but I know why I'm here."

These letters will be hand-delivered to our soldiers. Their return letters will also be hand-delivered to the kids at Anderson Elementary.