Higher security at Tulsa International Airport

Monday, December 24th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The American Airlines flight 63 incident prompted many airports around the country to step up security even more. And here in Tulsa, the situation is no different.

News on Six reporter Jenni Monet visited Tulsa International Airport and says Holiday travelers already facing long lines and security checkpoints may now face even tighter measures following FAA orders put into effect Sunday. The Federal Aviation Administration demanded all airports nation-wide to beef-up already stringent guidelines in place across the country.

A recent FAA order follows a similar one issued December 11th warning that hijackers might try to smuggle weapons in their footwear, posing a challenge for U.S. airports. Now, when holiday travel is at its peak, it has many walking through metal detectors in their socks.

At the Tulsa International Airport, a spokesperson says the security searches have become, quote "more vigilant", where random inspections of your luggage, carry-on bags, clothes, and even shoes could be checked as many as three times in a single flight, alone.