Tulsa company adopts a local community for Christmas

Wednesday, December 19th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's this time of year when people everywhere are in the spirit of giving, and for one Tulsa-based company, a bit of holiday joy is bringing a smile to the faces of an entire community. News on Six reporter Jenni Monet takes us to Beggs to show us why.

They're loading up the truck. "All we got now is the bicycles." Handling every package with care. They're gifts provided by one Tulsa based company, "Good morning, Callidus Technologies." That’s reaching out and giving back, where the spirit of the season can be shared. Rita Bartlett, "People were just calling in and saying I want to donate, I want to donate and this year we had over $8,000 in our fund." A truckload of presents arrives in Beggs. It's home to half of Callidus Technologies manufacturing employees. "Merry Christmas everybody, ho, ho, hey!" But at the community Head Start, is where this company will show it cares. "I got a puzzle and it won't come out, see?"

The things in Santa's bag may not seem like a lot to you, but for the boys and girls it brings about the true meaning of Christmas and for their families, a little bit of help for the holidays. Mother, Jimmie Lynn McMillen, "It really helps out money wise, time wise, everything else around Christmas." For one mother capturing the moment of the day, it was a chance to stop and smile-- for once during a stressful time, this holiday. "Well, it helps. I have four kids and I work full time, so it helps." And as for the people behind it all.

Bartlett, "You know, Beggs is a small community and we just wanted to give back any way we could." It's about giving and not receiving: a true reason for the season.