Getting ready for winter weather

Tuesday, November 27th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Getting ready for the first winter blast of the season means stocking up on things like snow shovels, ear muffs and ice melt. The News on Six reporter Lori Fullbright checked out the supply of items at area stores.

There is a new item that'll keep your car locks from freezing, just twist off the top, stick it in the lock and squeeze. And the de-icer goes to work. It also has a sticker on it, so you can keep it inside your gas cap, behind your license plate or your bumper, so you always have it when you need it. Just one of the many items we found that will help you get ready for winter.

Customers came into the Lowe's Home Improvement store with winter weather on their minds. This couple heard News on Six meteorologist Dick Faurot's forecast for snow and decided to stock up. Sonny Gray, "Seems like every year, we get left out because we get here too late, so, this year, we thought we'd get prepared in case it does get bad." The truth is, most people procrastinate and wait until the bad weather hits, then, all head to the stores at once. The folks at Lowe's know that and they're ready, with a full supply of 40-pound bags of ice melt. They got a 200-bag order from area businesses which makes it that much more important that the rest of us to plan ahead. Shea Taylor, Lowe's Asst Manager: "We have businesses, apartments who buy big amounts, so the time to get it is early."

The most popular item during the winter, snow shovels, and new designs come out every year. "It's got an angle in the center so you can get down on it, the other one is a lot harder to use." You can also find sand bags for your car, earmuffs to keep warm and an array of gloves, outerwear and the all important ice scraper. Because in Oklahoma, you have to be prepared for anything.

Last year, the winter weather caught people and stores alike by surprise and many places sold out, this year should be a little different. And, the city of Tulsa tells us, it's prepared, all the trucks are ready to go and sand piled high to keep the roads clear.