A wedding nightmare

Tuesday, November 27th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A wedding is typically one of the most important events in a woman's life, and photographs help preserve the event. But one local bride says she has little to show from her wedding. Six in Your Corner reporter Diane White has the details on this wedding nightmare.

The business in question is Wedding Images. We first ran a story about this company in September, after two sisters called because they hadn't received pictures from their summer wedding. Their story prompted other calls, including one from a young couple that's been trying for three years to get their wedding photos. Julie Paul, "This is my favorite one. It's kind of a candid shot of Jeff and I coming into our reception.

This is our entire wedding party. I think that is nice. This shows the cake, candle and my bouquet. I'm thankful that I have these." Because they're the only wedding photos she has - family snapshots. Married three years ago, Julie and Jeff Paul hired a professional photographer - Wedding Images that they found at a Tulsa Bridal Fair. "We looked through some of her photos and they were absolutely gorgeous - what she had done - she's a great photographer." So they hired her and the wedding went smoothly. "Two months after we got back we still didn't have any proofs - and of course that's when the red flags went up." And the battle began. Six months later, the finally got the proofs and a promise pictures would soon follow. "We'd go by her house, we'd call her - go by her house and call her. That's all you can do - but she would never answer the phone or the door."

She kept trying for 2 years - until graduate school took them to Arizona. So Julie's mom took over - and took Wedding Images and owner Marilyn Weinsberg to court. "This is the third time that we have been to court that she hasn't shown up." She isn't giving up. She plans to keep trying - until she catches Marilyn Weinsberg at her home office - in East Tulsa.

We also stopped by. Diane White rang the doorbell several times - even tried the intercom outside her front door - but no one answered - so she called - got an answering machine and left a message. Rick Brinkley with the Better Business Bureau, "This company has multi-year history with the Better Business Bureau of having an unsatisfactory record."

The BBB advises people to check out all companies - including those at trade shows. "A lot of times - unfortunately - consumers think that just because someone's qualified to be in a trade show that they've somehow gone through some checks - and they probably haven't." Something Julie and Jeff Paul know firsthand. "It's just frustrating - and it's more frustrating for her - and me there's nothing I can do about it - so- very frustrating. We have a good marriage - that's the important thing.”

Late Monday, I heard from Marilyn Weinsburg at Wedding Images. She told us she has a custom made album for Julie and Jeff and shipped it to them COD, with a bill for the balance - and says it came back refused, adding: "I've had this album ready for a very, very long time and figured I was never going to get paid for it." I asked her why she never showed up to small claims court. She said: "I didn't know about it, didn't receive anything from anyone."

Weinsburg said she hasn't heard from Julie Paul or her mother in more than a year. Julie's mother disputes that - she's called Wedding Images continuously for three years. We could see an end to this - Marilyn Weinsberg says she'll call Julie's mom later this week - and try to work this out so Julie and Jeff can get their wedding album.