TERRY NICHOLS to be tried in state court for the Oklahoma City bombing

Thursday, September 6th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Terry Nichols' trial could happen late this fall or early next spring. Nichols' attorneys had offered to drop all their federal appeals in exchange for avoiding a state trial. But the Oklahoma County DA, Wes Lane, said there was no guarantee the federal life sentence wouldn't someday be overturned, so, decided to forge ahead.

Wes Lane says he can't do much about the emotional toll of another trial, but the people of Oklahoma shouldn't worry about the financial cost. "Tax dollars are not and should not be contributing one thin dime to Mr. Nichol's defense team under this plan. Furthermore, the prosecution side is being paid out of my existing budget. I am not receiving any additional money from he legislature for the prosecution of this case."

Lane says these factors also affected his decision. That it would be hard to reassemble all the resources needed to try this case in the future. He believes 12 fair jurors can be found in the state for the trial. He's made arrangements to insure other Oklahoma County murder cases will not be neglected during the Nichols' trial.

And, of course, the taxpayer issue has been resolved by paying for the trial out of the court fund, which is made of fines paid by criminals.