NOW is the time to sign up for Project Spirit Supplies

Wednesday, July 18th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

It's nearly time for the annual shopping trip for school supplies, and that can be a challenge for some families. KOTV is joining Restore Hope Ministries, John 3:16 Mission and Spirit Bank to help. KOTV's Glenda Silvey has details on this year's "Project Spirit Supplies."

It's an exciting sight for most kids, new pencils, markers, and school stuff. But for many families, it's a burden the budget can't bear. That's why Restore Hope Ministries and John 3:16 Mission team up to provide school supplies and some clothing for families in need. Becky Reeves with Restore Hope Ministries: "They can budget for their food and they can budget for their normal bills, but when it comes down to something special like this, it kind of throws them off." "They usually run about $65 to $70 each child, so Restore Hope is a big help to families like us."

Margie Young relies on Project Spirit Supplies for her four grandchildren, who live with her full time. She says it's frustrating, but rewarding. "It's kept me alive. My goal is to live 20 years and raise the youngest, which is 3 and a half, and dance at his graduation. That's my goal." Reeves says Young is among a growing number of grandparents who sign up for help for grandkids in their care. Families must sign up in advance to receive school supplies, which will be available for pick-up in early August.

A number of area churches and volunteer groups help with the project, including the Learning Shop, which provides Restore Hope with supplies at or below cost. Owner Wanda James loves doing it because it helps children. "They are not responsible for the situation they are in, and they just have needs. And helping meet those needs is more of a blessing than you can possibly imagine." Restore Hope is happy to receive supplies or cash donations, to help as many children as possible start the school year with confidence.

Sign up for Project Spirit Supplies is Monday through Thursday, 11:30 AM to 3 PM at Restore Hope Ministries, 2960 Charles Page Boulevard. Parents or grandparents must bring their social security cards and the children's if they have one. Bring your child's jean size too.

Pick up day for supplies is August 9th. Project Spirit Supplies served 1,700 children last year. This year's goal is 2,000