West Nile worries have more people asking questions of their doctors

Thursday, August 22nd 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

If you're worried about the potential of getting the West Nile Virus, you're not alone.

Medical professionals in Tulsa tell us as people show up with summer time colds; they slip in a few questions about West Nile Virus too. Doctors say as the number of cases increase, so do the questions about it.

But, they say the threat isn't as great as you might think. Dr Jeffery Galles/Internist: "I think they're studying the things the media are presenting to them and weighing those factors, but for the most part a cold is a cold, a viral chest cold is not West Nile Virus."

His best advice is to eliminate the stagnant water, breeding places for mosquitoes and protect yourself when you are outside.

And remember, your chances of getting West Nile are still only about one in four million.