Confusion over Creek Turnpike signs

Monday, August 19th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The new Creek Turnpike East extension may be convenient, but you'd better know exactly where you're going, the signs might not help you.

The signs say "West," but you're headed south on Highway 412, and if you're going north, the signs say "East." If that's not confusing enough, one exit has signs pointing you east, on three different highways.

Mindie Robertson says about ten drivers an hour stop in at the Phillips 66 station for directions. They've even created their own map to help the frustrated travelers. "This is our little map we've given people. We're here; they go back out to the light...take the first exit, go under the overpass and get back on and stay in the far right lane. It's not nice. You lose time; maybe you get in an accident because you gotta get off so quick."

The state says it will take drivers a while to get used to the new interchange. But it does not plan any changes to routes, or the signs.