Tulsa schools add restrictions to band and related performances

Tuesday, August 6th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Too much bumpin' and grindin' by students in band drill teams and dance groups has lead the Tulsa school board to approve a policy of restrictions.

Booker T. Washington Band Director Elmer Davis Junior acknowledges some students push the limit, but he believes it's under control. “You teach a dance certain way. Some kids will always overdo it. My job is to say that's not appropriate, and I do that."

Until Monday night's meeting Tulsa Public Schools had no official policy restricting music, lyrics or dance in student performances. The new policy lists lewd gestures, inappropriate comments, foul language and suggestive or vulgar movements as among the restricted behaviors.

School administrators and adult sponsors are charged with enforcing the new policy.