Muskogee teens take their love of soccer and God to Africa

Monday, June 17th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

A soccer team out of Muskogee is headed overseas to share their love of soccer and of God with those in Africa.

Next week, Muskogee's Missionary Soccer team will travel to Malawi, Africa where they will play against high school and college teams. But not for a trophy. This isn't a tournament.

Since the sport is so popular in Malawi, the team of 11 boys will use the love of the sport to bring in crowds but at the same time preach the word of God. 16 year old soccer member, Jacob Highers, “I just tell them; how God has touched my life and what he's done for me. It's just another way to reach them since it's the most popular sport over there. Just another way to reach them."

The missionary team will also take 200 donated uniforms from schools throughout Oklahoma to give to the kids in Malawi.