Phillips will still maintain significant presence in Bartlesville despite merger

Monday, May 6th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Happy days are here again for Bartlesville. The city was worried the Phillips-Conoco merger would eliminate some of their prime citizens. But as it turns out, not that much has changed.

News on Six business reporter Steve Berg says Phillips announced a couple of days ago that it's going to keep the same "number" of workers in Bartlesville, that it has now, about 2,400.

In some cases, they won't be the same "kind" of jobs. But it won't be the mass exodus to Houston that many people feared. There will be some top-level management types that will be moving out. While other jobs will be moving in.

That prompted the question of whether the average income level is going to go down for Bartlesville Phillips workers. Phillips CEO Jim Mulva says it's too soon to say about that. Obviously, the city of Bartlesville will benefit by the continued presence of Phillips. But Mulva says they made this decision for the good of the 'company'. "In the case of Bartlesville, we do have some very good facilities that we want to continue to utilize, that's efficient."

Bartlesville will keep all of the research and development operations that are currently there. The combined companies will also consolidate most of their information technology and financial services in Bartlesville, as well as their human resources operations.

Phillips spokespeople were very matter-of-fact and pointed out the company said all along they would keep a significant presence in Bartlesville.

And the city is relieved that they've kept their word.